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Where to get your yearly one month course of Immunolume PRO

Find out where to buy Immunolume

Our Immunolume PRO products are currently available at the following webshops and retailers.

Below you will find the list of our current retailers. Please get in touch with us if for our wholesale options.


Global Health Clinics

Natural wellness health clinic offering advanced wellbeing assessments, lifestyle plans, oxygen & ozone therapies, hypnotherapy and mind therapies.
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Right Spin Health

Right Spin Health sells exceptional health products. We are very proud to be amung there assortment of exclusive products to New Zealand and Australia.
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Hardy's Health Shop

At Hardys they share the same holistic vision to health and healing, therefore we are very proud to be in their assortment, online and at their store locations.
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Healy, frequencies for your life

We're proud distributers of Healy, frequencies for your live devices.
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